Project Description

A company specialised in water investments in North America needs an expert for its financing solutions and marketing for its institutional investors in Germany.
On the one hand, the investor has the opportunity to acquire shares in US LLC’s through various vehicles. The LLC’s have licenses to sell the electricity generated in – already operated – hydropower plants. There are long-term power purchase agreements with well-rated municipal institutions.
On the other hand, the investor has the opportunity to acquire shares in existing project financing in sustainable water treatment projects in Canada. These financings are primarily secured by purchase agreements and installed “Clearford One” facilities. The counterparties are Canadian municipalities with a rating level of A or higher.
Financing solutions include equity investments, loans, SPV notes or participation certificates. The customer is advised to consider and implement the investment regulation in the financing solution. Solvency II investors can receive a rating as “Qualified Infrastructure Investment”. Together with the interested investors, we negotiate the term, the interest rate agreement and other key features of the loan agreements, such as the types of collateralisation.